A geographic number is a number that is associated with a province or country because the meaning of its digits has a geographic meaning, being able to redirect calls to the physical location of the customer’s network termination point whether fixed or mobile. Calls made over the traditional telephone network are picked up by Globtele- com and routed by VoIP to wherever the customer is, regardless of their location.

They are often defined as virtual numbering because it allows you to send and receive calls anywhere you are without having to be tied to a specific location, you can even take on travel or vacation.

With geographic numbering, companies or private customers indicate a location or presence in a particular province or country. This is achieved through VoIP systems.

In addition to geographic numbering, Globtelecom offers corporate numbering 901-902

Features and Benefits

Geographic number or 902
It includes a geographic number or 902 to receive calls from the traditional telephone network.

Call generation
From the IP telephony line you will be able to make calls as if you were talking about your landline phone, benefiting from the characteristics of this technology, which will provide you with freedom to travel and savings since you will be able to use the contracted voice plans no matter where you call from.

No call set-up
Call set-up is usually the most expensive concept in a call. These services have no establishment.

We charge per second
According to the contracted plan, you’re only going to pay for the time you talk. The call is charged per second, not per full minute.

Free calls between customers
The lines with this type of service will allow you to call other Globtelecom customers for free, simply dialing their number and allowing you to create closed groups at zero cost.

Simultaneous incoming calls
The numbering allows to receive up to four incoming calls simulta- neously with the possibility of expansion.

You can optionally have your Glob number configured in several devices to get the most out of it from any device (telephone, laptop, tablet or mobile).

Web interface management
From our platform you will have control and all the information about the service immediately, incoming/outgoing calls, balances, etc.

Call Identification
Identification of incoming and outgoing calls.

No permanence
There is no minimum length of stay, you can leave whenever you want.

Availability throughout the territory in a few hours.

Monthly cost VoIP line with numbering

Consult blocks of 100

Consult availability and costs for other countries.

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