Last Generation Conventional Switchboards.

In Glob we bet and have a wide range of switchboards that adjust to your needs, from totally wireless switchboards to equipment based adaptable to your facilities or cloud with really amazing costs.

We want to offer you solutions that adjust to your needs and not products that make you fall in monthly costs without need. We offer innovative and economical solutions that will surprise you.

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3CX 3CX IP PBX Virtual Switchboard Features

Globtelecom’s Virtual Central service is an IP communica- tions platform that replaces traditional telephone exchan- ges, providing greater functionality, simplicity of use and cost reduction.

Our IP platform is hosted in Glob Server and allows you to have the functionalities of a traditional switchboard to make and receive calls both external and internal to your company, with great benefits, thanks to IP technology.

Thanks to the flexibility of the service you will be able to connect to each line or extension your analog phones, IP phones, Softphone, etc… You will also be able to have the extension of your switchboard installed in your mobile terminal, being able to make and receive calls from abroad as if you were in the office.

3CX is a software-based, open-standard PBX telephone exchange that offers full Unified Communications functionality from the factory.

3CX makes it so easy to install, manage and maintain your PBX phone system that you can manage it yourself, whether it’s on an appliance, your servers or your cloud account.

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The control panels allow the following functions to be performed:

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    Features similar to a conventional telephone switchboard

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    Extension Management

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    IVR - Voice-overs

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    Queue Calls

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    Free calls between extensions

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    Call forwarding

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    Extension on your mobile phone

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    Virtual Operator

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    Virtual numbers

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    Voice mail


gatewayAccess gateway
Trunk gateway
GSM VoIP gateway
UC gateway


Simbank and GSM VOIP Gateway (DWG) work together under the control of SIM Cloud,
through the IP-based private communication protocol,
which implements remote SIM communication and remote device management.
And all of these provide a powerful GSM VOIP solution in its entirety.

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